Return Policy

MBSKART.COM reserves the sole right to accept or deny refunds and will act reasonably in the common interest of the consumer.

Purchases are only retractable in exceptional circumstances as following:

All Customized bangles are non returnable (as they are custom made in your Bangle size, they have photo or name written on them and once the bangle is prepared it will be no use for us) but there might be some uncertainties due to which the product is eligible for return:

1. Any of the product you received is damaged while shipping. (Please make a Proper Video while opening the parcel)
2. Your product differ from what you have ordered. (Please make a proper Video while opening and send it at: sales@mbskart.com with your Order ID.)
Once that you have went through the above mentioned points and your product is eligible for the return then:


Though we craft highly durable products and make them reach you in a very safe packaging but still due to uncertainties there are can be chances of some damage once in a blue moon during shipment of your order.


Most of the stones used in our jewellery pieces are translucent I.e. they allow some amount of the light to pass through it, which is why they have a little wide array of colors reflection in some cases which might become more darker or brighter in color depending on what kind of light they are being seeing in.

You might even find the difference in multiple pictures of a single product. For instance; when kept over a base/table the color of the stones might seem to be on darker side, whereas when hung over the mannequin, it might get a little brighter because of more light finding its way to pass through it when hung. But instead of editing the colors to make them match. We preferred keeping it real to deliver the right picture to you and help you making the right choice.

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